Begawan Foundation sucht erfahrene Volontäre

Bradley Gardner, der mit seiner Frau Debbie die Begawan Foundation auf Bali gegründet hat, arbeitet mit Jürgen Zimmer seit Mitte der 1990er Jahre zusammen. Auf Gardners Initiative hin wurde Jürgen Zimmer Mitglied des Planungsteams der Green School (, die weit über Bali hinaus zum Modell einer aus Bambus gebauten umweltfreundlichen Schule wurde. Die Begawan Foundation sucht erfahrene Volontäre, die in Balis Schulen die Ideen einer umweltbewußten Lebensweise verankern und auch Englisch unterrichten:



Begawan Foundation, based in Bali, is actively seeking an experienced teacher, with an interest in conservation and environmental issues, to assist in developing and strengthening a teaching program for local community school students, and to lead a program of internal staff professional development in the field of education.

A volunteer can contribute greatly to the improvement of current programs by sourcing, developing and adapting curriculum to suit a wide age range of students. There is also the opportunity to work with local village adults, whose support for our programs is vital.

Begawan Foundation has worked in the area of conservation, education and health since 2001, and one of its major focuses is the breeding and release of the critically endangered Bali Starling. We believe that the key to the success of this program lies in the support of the local community, and this support begins with an education program designed to instil awareness and interest in children.
The possibility is there to widen the curriculum, to use the foundation’s focus to look at other mainstream subjects also, including the teaching of English.

The volunteer will work directly with foundation staff, based both at the breeding and release site and in the administration office. The expectation is that the volunteer will work in a number of different schools, with students from kindergarten to senior level. It is expected that this is a five-day week with a maximum of 40 hours per week. National holidays and annual leave will be given.

Those who are interested should first check out both the foundation’s website ( and Facebook page (,
both of which detail the wide range of activities undertaken, prior to emailing to to express both interest and experience.