The background of the children living in the School for Life Chiang Mai


Read the children’s personal experiences and true stories. Share their joy, sadness, fun and dreams. The stories have been collected and written down by the founder of the School for Life, Professor emeritus Dr. Jürgen Zimmer.

The stories and texts taken from Jürgen Zimmer’s personal diary notes demonstrate the impact the School for Life in Chiang Mai has created in people’s lives. Not only can the fate of individual students be dramatically changed through the School’s social and emotional engagement but also the destiny of families living in the surrounding communities as well.

The School for Life is not an isolated welfare project; it has become part of a much more complex community environment. Of course the School’s core purpose is to provide vital services for children in need, children who would otherwise run the danger of being abused, sold, beaten up, become part of a vicious cycle of poverty, end up on the streets, in forced labor or as “street meat” in prostitution. There is no reason for not mentioning the cold hard truth.

However, by helping the children and wherever possible reaching out to their social environments at the same time the School for Life creates positive ripple effects not only for the individual, but also the surrounding community.

School for Life Chiang Mai very much relies on your donations, sponsorship for children as well as volunteer services. Please read the stories, and if you are interested in supporting the School for Life and make a big difference for a child life click here.