Sponsor a child of the School for Life Chiang Mai

We warmheartedly invite you to be the godparent of one of our children and to support him or her on their journey through life. We are still in need of many more patrons to provide the School for Life with a stable foundation. We require $37 monthly to cover the living expenses of one child. From that we will match the costs for meals, clothing, and hygiene, medical and psychological support.

One child’s education costs are a mere $48 per month. We will pay the teachers’ salaries, textbooks, the school materials and the development of our own curriculum, which will supplement compulsory parts of the national curriculum.

Sponsorships for $85 every month are not affordable for everybody. For this reason you can also opt for a partial monthly sponsorship amount of $37 or $48. Alternatively why not team up with more people and friends and split the costs.

Important notice: 

You are free to cancel your sponsorship agreement at any point in time, no terms of notice apply whatsoever.

There will be no questions asked. By becoming a godparent you do not commit yourself in any way to ongoing payments for fixed time frames. Of course we hope and encourage you to consider a longer term commitment from your personal point of view. However, we fully understand that personal preferences and situations can change, and the School for Life does not wish to be seen as a burden to you. Therefore, please be re-assured again, if you wish to cancel your sponsorship agreement you can do so at any point in time with no notice required.

Sponsorship Benefits

You will encounter children who, despite having had dramatic fates, recovered their will to live. Their enthusiasm is contagious! Your donation has a dedicated recipient, your godchild.

You can visit and accompany your godchild for an extended period of time, please feel free to contact school management to arrange. The school provides accommodation in the form of ten nice single bedroom cottages.

Back to your visit at the school. Of course safety and security measures, formalities and some (meaningful) rules are in place to ensure yourself as well as your godchild will enjoy your stay at the School for Life. However, those measures will not hamper or restrict your experience and interaction with your godchild in any major way.

For instance you will have a guardian accompanying you should you choose to take your godchild out for a shopping trip to Chiang Mai or an excursion around the surrounding country side. Please rest assured, our “guardians” do not act like “watchdogs”, they can actually more be described as tour guides, and they are very friendly personalities with a basic to good knowledge of the English language. Also their presence prevents uneasy questioning by authorities wanting to investigate why a “Farang” person is in the company of a Thai child. By having a tour guide along your side a fun experience for all is guaranteed.

For children with developed English skills it is also possible to take up email correspondence. Write to your godchild about yourself, your life and anything which you think might be of interest to him or her. This way you give the child insight into different ways of life and awake and foster their natural curiosity.

Twice a year you will receive a newsletter from the School for Life per e-mail which allows you to get a glance at events as well as day-to-day life at the school. Once per year you will receive a report on the development of your godchild including scholastic achievements as well as personal overall development.

General Information

An adoption of our kids is not possible. All kids are treated the same, regardless of sponsorship. To prevent discrimination, all sponsorship money is collected in a common pot. Should you have the opportunity to visit the School for Life and get to know your godchild, as mentioned before we will supply you with a code of conduct.

How to become a sponsor

School for Life management will choose a godchild for you whom we will introduce to you by sending you a photo and a short biography. With your sponsorship you secure this child’s ongoing livelihood and education. The sponsorship can, as mentioned before, be terminated at any time.

If you would prefer to support the School for Life without entering a child sponsorship agreement, you are very welcome to do so as well. Your monthly contribution will be used for the maintenance and construction of buildings, to invest in the improvement of organic agriculture, or to maintain an infirmary or a first-aid room.

Contact Information

Mr. Jo (Kyaw Kyaw Hla)
Communication Manager
E-Mail: kyawhky@gmail.com
Mobile: +66 (0) 85 237 9482