Even small, one-time donations can help! For example, by purchasing food and clothing, school materials, a chicken, a shovel or other garden tools.
5, 10, 20 Euro, every amount helps!

Donations from Germany and Europe are administered by the Robinsohn Foundation and forwarded to the School for Life Chiang Mai project. With your help the running costs, especially for the life of the children and the salaries for the teachers are financed, the school campus in Chiang Mai is maintained and the educational projects in the school year are supported. You will receive a donation receipt for your donation.

Shaul B. and Hilde Robinsohn Foundation
Member of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

Donation account

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Participation in running costs

The School for Life attaches particular importance to safeguarding running costs. One-off donations are very good and helpful, but they do not guarantee long-term stability in their ups and downs. We therefore hope that many sponsors will contribute to the running costs, i.e. that someone will be willing, for example, to pay the accident insurance for all children in the amount of 350.00 € per year, that someone will be willing to pay the salary of a teacher in the amount of 450.00 € for a certain period or that another sponsor will be willing to finance the cook in the amount of 230.00 € per month. We suggest smaller or larger positions for you to choose from – the longer the funding period, the more stable and predictable the financial foundation will be.

This is how you can support us with running costs