Volunteers and Experts at the School for Life Chiang Mai

It is important to us to ensure that both children and adults in the School for Life benefit from your voluntary service. That is why we take great care in the selection of volunteers and maintain contact with them during the preparation phase.

Basically, your work with us is as follows:

Depending on your preferences and previous knowledge, you will be responsible for teaching English in one or more classes between the Kindergarten and Class 9 age groups. You will be expected to prepare and conduct the lessons independently. However, it is usually the case that volunteers lead the lessons in teams of two. The language is to be taught in a playful and creative way and practiced in everyday life situations with the children. Of course, our specialist staff will assist you with preparation and follow-up work.

Furthermore, in consultation with the teachers, you should independently plan a project and/or AG’s that you pursue during your stay. The topics could be environmental, upcycling or farming, cooking and baking or tutoring, games and fun. There are no limits to your creativity. But it is important that your interests and skills fit in to the work of School for Life. Most of the time, you will find something on site pretty quickly, because the campus and life at SfL offer quite a few opportunities. This includes the constant exchange with the educators to offer something according to the interests and needs.

In the case of larger projects by former volunteers, we hope that these will be continued and, if necessary, expanded by new volunteers, so that we can focus primarily on sustainability.

In addition to these main activities you will participate in the normal school day and help for example with school events, cooking, in the support in the family houses, farming and morning rituals.


  • You are at least 18 years old and you undertake to work at the School for Life for at least three months (because we believe that a good relationship can be built up with students and teachers and that this takes some time to build up)
  • You have a solid knowledge of the English language.
  • You are willing to learn about the basics of the Thai culture and language in advance and during your stay.
  • You have special abilities and inclinations from which children can benefit – for example art, theatre, music, sport, consulting skills
  • You are willing to use this knowledge and skills in the form of English lessons or working groups.
  • You are willing to prepare and carry out lessons and other projects independently.
  • You have intercultural experience and skills
  • You can handle difficult or unfamiliar situations with confidence
  • You like to take responsibility
  • You are motivated to deal with new challenges
  • You can plan and execute work and projects independently.
  • You participate in already existing projects
  • You gladly take part in the daily activities of the children and support the adults in looking after the children during cooking, homework, gardening, meetings etc.

You can expect the following from the School for Life

The experiences you will gain at the School for Life are ones you can benefit from for the rest of your life. You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a community and become a part of it that you won’t soon forget. You will not only get a completely new perspective on Thailand, but also on life itself. The School for Life is a place where you can see how little you need to be happy. The children of the School for Life will be able to learn to be a child again and our children will do the same with you.

In addition, you will receive an English internship certificate from the School for Life and a confirmation of the internship from the association School for Life Germany at the end of your volunteering.


The School for Life is largely financed by donations. For this reason we unfortunately have to charge you a small amount to cover the basic costs of your stay.

For a stay of up to 3 months you pay 13,000 Baht/month.

For a stay of up to 9 months you pay 11.000 Baht/month

For a stay of up to 12 months, you pay 9,000 Baht/month.

We ask you to take care of the visa (http://german.thaiembassy.de/visaarten-und-erforderliche-unterlagen#freiwilligendienst), air ticket and insurance yourself.


Mr. “Jo” Kyaw Kyaw Hlam (English)
E-Mail: kyawhky@gmail.com
Mobile: +66 (0) 85 237 9482

Ms. Conny Grimm (German/English)
Volunteers Team Manager
E-mail: grimm.schoolforlife@web.de