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School for Life is an internationally sponsored project in Thailand that provides home and care for children who live in difficult situations. In the beginning the main target-group were Aids-orphans, but meanwhile many children with diverse other backgrounds came to live in School for Life: among them are children who lost their relatives in the Tsunami; children whose parents were killed or are missing, and children who escaped from situations of brutality and abuse. School for Life provides for their basic needs, offers psychosocial and medical care, and a new home, aims to make the best possible education available to them, and respects their right to a happy childhood.

School for Life Chiang Mai

Contact Team Germany
E-Mail: office(at)school-for-life.org

The contact person on the Campus in Chiang Mai
Mr. Jo (Kyaw Kyaw Hla)
Communication Manager
E-Mail: kyawhky(at)gmail.com
Mobile: +66 (0) 85 237 9482

The Adress of the School for Life Chiang Mai
School for Life
185/3M. 4, T. Pa Meing
Doi Saket District
50220 Chiang Mai

Shaul B. und Hilde Robinsohn-Stiftung


The Foundation supports and promotes the School for Life through its own funds and the solicitation of donations.

Support us

You can support the School for Life through direct donations. Donations can be of a general nature or purpose bound for a specific item the children require.

The Shaul B. und Hilde Robinsohn Stiftung acts as the Germany based umbrella organisation for the School for Life Chiang Mai.

See our  website www.robinsohn-stiftung.de

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