Holidays for Life with the School for Life Chiang Mai



A start in this respect is the accommodation facility with eight bungalows and 10 guest rooms, and a restaurant. The School for Life encourages culture sensitive tourism and was started to fulfil two desires:

The desire of experienced travellers who want to truly arrive in a country, have authentic experiences and make friends, and who are no longer satisfied with “tourist destinations”, “tourist art”, “tourist events”, “tourist excursions”, “tourist prices”, or the boredom of hotel lobbies.

The desire of culturally-open locals who supply hospitality in place of barracuda behaviour often witnessed amount tour guides, and who want to combine cultural, ecological and economic development.

The School for Life opens doors into Thai daily life that bring guests, the school’s community and local residents together as active partners and friends. Some guests do not only want to observe, they prefer to actively participate in what they see. More than a few of them want to leave tracks behind. For this reason, the School for Life combines investigating reality with the opportunity to make contributions towards the development of the school and the community. Guests are not treated like “black boxes”, but as experts with professional experience. The guests do not have to take on this role, of course. They can also choose to simply take vacation while they are there. But they know that the invitation to actively participate – regardless of how small or large their contribution is – stands.


Pricing Schedule for Guest Bungalows at School for Life Chiang Mai

– Prices apply all year round (1 Jan – 31 Dec 2013/ 2014, no seasonal pricing adjustments)
– Prices include three daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
– Prices include return transport from Chiang Mai city to the School for Life (airport/ bus station/ hotel)

1 Person Occupancy 900 BHT
2 Person occupancy 1600 BHT
Additional bed (for max 1 person) 400 BHT
Long term stay longer than one month Negotiable pending length of stay.


Information and Contact

Mr. Jo (Kyaw Kyaw Hla)
Communication Manager
Mobile: +66 (0) 85 237 9482