Children’s Stories / The „Waldgänger“ (Hobgoblin)

The „Waldgänger“ (Hobgoblin)

Wisanukorn „Joe“, thirteen-years-old

Together with his grandmother Joe lived in a small hut in the jungle. Their earnings equal zero. His father died of Aids when he was only three years old. The mother disappeared, she might be even dead, Joe mentions, when he arrived at the farm.

That is how he became a ‚Waldgänger‘. He learned how to survive in the jungle. He knows how to dig out a mouse and eat it, which leaves are eatable, how to kill small animals with a crotch, how to catch fishes with a self made fish hook and how to defend oneself from snakes and scorpions.

For a few months he lived at the farm until his mother, a prostitute and an Aids carrier, appeared. Accepting the discrimination and against great odds she wanted to take Joe and have him around when she dies. Receiving backups from the School for Life, he lives together with his mother in the village.

Joe knows the hardest type of tracking; he can walk into the jungle without anything and still survive. And that is where his interests engage with his future plans: He wants to become a guide. But he has other interests as well. He loves to play soccer and plans on coming back to the School for Life when his mother is dead.

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